Healing space

Access your healing potential

Meditation, Holistic Hypnosis and Vibrational Healing Space


We now have an entire floor dedicated to meditation! This is a safe and protected space, many aspects have been considered for proper energetic and self-work to take place here. This space is specifically facilitated to invite healing energies every day to contribute to the wellbeing of the planet.


There are two loving cats that live in the connected lower levels.


The space is not wheelchair accessible, unfortunately. There is a set of five stairs to the entrance and a flight and a half to get up to the main space. Alley is willing to come to you if this makes the services inaccessible here. Meditation lessons available in your space (dependent on a few factors). 


A variety of cushions and blankets are available for your comfort.


Many healing modalities and tools are used here. These include sacred plant helpers, most often sacred sage smudge for clearing energy, as well as sound healing tools.


Purified and blessed water is available during each session and special accommodations can usually be fulfilled upon request. 


If you are interested in bringing a small group here for guided meditations or other sessions, Alley is open to alternative offerings and is ever expanding the options to serve the community.


Alley will also be offering a wider range of services outside of this space upon entry to the Meditation Teacher Certification Program.


If you have any questions about the space or regarding preparation for a session please feel free to inquire. Information about session preparation is also given upon session booking.


Thank you and blessed be!!








May Peace be with you, May Love lift your Spirit & May your mind be free and calm