~Information about the services~

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation sessions with me involve a variety of techniques and tools that will be explored to find what is best suited to your needs. We begin with a consultation to open a dialogue about where you are on your journey in life, and how you presently relate with the practices of mindfulness and meditation. You are welcome to share anything about your life's journey that may feel related to the call to enter deeper into a committed practice. I am also happy to hold space for you in any regard, which may be more related to the Coaching service provided, even if all that is needed is a good listener holding unconditional presence.

Generally speaking, for beginners it is great to start with mindfulness practices as they will bring more awareness into one's daily life and allow for insight and clearer seeing around what is needed for your particular journey. It can strengthen one's sense of self and open to the cultivation of one's inherent self-healing abilities. Mindfulness is a practice which brings bare attention to what is happening in any given moment and seeing the experience beyond mental noise, distraction, biases, attachments, fears, defences, evaluations and expectations. It is essentially an exploration of how the mind works which can lead into a stronger base for entering into a meditation session. Mindfulness sessions begin with techniques such as somatic awareness, spacial awareness, concentration, body scanning, simple breathing practices, techniques for mindful movement and working with the vantage point from which one experiences their mind. 
With meditation sessions, we can go a bit deeper with the practice, using mindfulness techniques, while also bringing in more advanced breathing techniques, more in depth self-observation and concentration, working with the energy centres of the body, self-balancing, grounding, visualization, intention setting, releasing, energy retrieval, toning, chanting, working with the waters of the body, learning to return to the present moment and the use of sound healing tools. More advanced techniques also include working with the upper and lower columns of the body, working through the various plains of nature beyond the physical, energy work, consciousness exploration and ultimately accessing one's own inherent self-healing abilities and befriending the mind in connection with your higher self. These various techniques are catered to the individual based on what is needed at the time of the session. 

With these practices, it is ideal to also establish a regular rhythm and routine for practicing in order to reap the long-term benefits. I can assist you in establishing a practice for yourself that will be a cornerstone for the growth of the practice and it's integration into your life. This means experimenting with a variety of techniques to expand your tool box, as well as creating a physical space in your home to practice daily. 
The training and purification of the mind is not necessarily an easy journey and the first steps are challenging, involving restlessness, sleepiness, boredom, laziness or doubts. However, the journey is also a deeply rewarding spiritual quest that is undoubtedly going to bring health, vitality and deepened meaning to your life. I would be honoured to assist you in establishing this for yourself in any way that I can. 


Meditation Coaching

Meditation Coaching uses the slow, peaceful, meditative state of awareness to open a space for exploring any life circumstance. The coach uses tools such as active listening, reflective listening, mirroring, positive reinforcement, unconditional presence and solution driven questions to assist you within a meditative space. Questions are most often phrased to move forward as opposed to reviewing past events. These questions help you to create awareness around whatever the focus is. The coach is neutral as the client directs their own process. 
A meditation coaching session begins with some communication around what you wish to focus on. There will be a general coaching agreement, which you and I decide upon. The agreement essentially involves your input as to what you hope to receive from the sessions and how you want to be held accountable for the changes you wish to make in your life. In coaching accountability is crucial for moving forward. So it is important for the client and coach to communicate boundaries around what is preferred for the coach's assistance. 
With an established agreement and shared understanding, as well as the coach's awareness of some of the keys of the client's present life circumstance, meditation coaching can begin. 
A general outline for a meditation coaching session is as follows:

  • Entering into the meditative state of awareness for roughly 15-30 minutes at the beginning of the session. 

  • Use of a variety of focus tools, breathing techniques, grounding techniques, techniques for calling back one's own energy, gentle energy work, awareness of the mind, body, spirit, emotions, exploring the present moment, present moment awareness, increase in self-awareness, chanting (if the client is comfortable), the use of chimes, bells, singing bowls etc. 

  • Once in the state of meditative awareness, gentle questions are asked by the coach for silent inquiry OR gentle, slow outward sharing on the part of the client. Coaching in this part of the session can become more outward and one on one with a conversational tone. It can also remain slow and aware, with client's eyes remaining closed. The style of coaching will depend on the moment, on the client and the client's general preference. This area also depends on how much the client would prefer to talk about their focus, or if they would prefer to reflect inwardly. Generally, the coach will use intuition and logic as a guide in facilitating. 

Example coaching questions: 

  1. What changes might you consider?

  2. What does it feel like in your body to (x)?

  3. What does your gut/heart tell you?

  4. What would be balancing for you?

  5. What's missing?

  6. What would happen if (x)?

  7. How do you feel about that?

  8. How might you go about (x)?

  • After reflection and connection around given questions, the session will close with meditation using a variety of techniques as mentioned above and the client will have a chance for light sharing, questions etc.


The coach assists the client in going to a higher level in their path, providing a safe, accepting space of unconditional presence for full and true expression. A block in one area of one's life will show up in any other areas of life; the coach can assist the client in exploring these areas and the workings of the block. The coach listens deeply to the client, supports the client, assists with clarification, encourages, and offers feedback as a sounding board within the flow of the session while providing the 5 A's essential in all healthy relating: attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection and allowing. The session can be catered and shifted to exactly what the client needs. This is only a basic outline of the coaching process in meditation. 

Holistic Hypnosis

Holistic Hypnosis is a form of waking state hypnosis in which the client is awake and aware. This complex practice involves kinesiological techniques (mainly muscle testing) to inquire with the body what is needed on physical, emotional, social, karmic, historic, energetic, spiritual and higher-level aspects of your experience.

  • What your muscles communicate exist in categories that are inquired into using charts and questions which allow the practitioner to identify a message or emotion that the body is communicating. These can be ancestral, energetic, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, verbal, historic and more. 

  • There are a variety of techniques which are neurologically and kinesiologically proven to remove energetic blockages. Often these blockages come in the form of trapped emotions related to experiences. Many of us have years of emotions that haven't been properly released, so this can be some very in-depth and intense work. There is an emphasis on gentleness before, during and after these sessions, as releases can occur for many days afterwards. 

  • The practitioner can also inquire into any questions you may have for yourself. The body will always respond with strong muscles when something is true and aligned with you. The question never has to be shared with me out loud- there is privacy in these sessions and you are free to share as much as you feel comfortable sharing. 

May Peace be with you, May Love lift your Spirit & May your mind be free and calm