About Me

My name is Alley Hart and I am a wholehearted evolutionary activist and student of life. I live in Toronto, Ontario and hold passions for wellness, contemplation, compassion, water healing, consciousness evolution, balance, emotion codes, energy awareness, healing and systems navigation. It is clear that meditation is an incredible way to contribute to conscious evolution and peace on Earth. After experiencing a significant traumatic event, I committed to the practice of daily meditation. Daily meditation alongside healthful lifestyle changes helped me to heal on levels I could not previously comprehend. As my practice grew into a lifestyle and my use of a variety of techniques and tools developed, with many teachers along the way, I was blessed to experience a new awareness of life which gave access to a growing understanding of the universe that is inherent in human biology and accessible to each of us in unique ways. I became aware of the intrinsic perceptive abilities available to us as humans, seeing that beyond the veil of conditioning, we are powerful miraculous beings existing within one vast ocean of love and light. This marked the beginning of a portion of my life’s work to study the mechanics of consciousness evolution: the way consciousness increases for individuals and the collective; as a key to healing the broken heart of the world. I have studied the works of Ram Dass, Anodea Judith, Terence McKenna and Alan Watts deeply. I have dedicated my life as an athlete of the spirit to finding avenues through which to contribute to anchoring the light here on Earth for humanity's healing. I am a Certified Meditation Facilitator of 500 hours, with no specific lineage besides the path of the heart. I am at the beginning of my meditation and wellness based career and hope to work one on one with individuals to assist them on their journeys of awakening. My vision centres around the shared vision of humanity entering into a new paradigm where conflict becomes harmony and separation becomes unity with the recognition of our divinity.

"A new world, without fear, without war, without greed, in the safe custodianship of an awakened species; manifesting peace, with love, light and celebration." ~Darpan

 As you know, suffering is universal and it occurs in many ways and on many levels alongside much beauty as abundance. Neither side of the yin yang has to dominate our beingness. Much of humanity has forgotten its inherent healing abilities over time. We are now gaining it back with the consciousness shift unfolding presently on Earth. There are so many lightworkers doing their work now on our planet! We are collectively on a journey of healing as a species. Ancient understandings are being remembered and woven together with the new, and more and more people are living in the truth and peace at the centre of the heart. How very beautiful it all is!! Meditation and mindfulness assists you to align more deeply with and amplify the inner revolution occurring on Earth, as well as contributing to a sense of peace in all aspects of one's life.

It would be my honour to serve you and your wellness at this time in humanity's growth.

 This work requires openness to shifting your lifestyle, openness to your true experience of the moment and going within, being quiet with the self and encountering the subtle levels of being. In some ways, one on one work of this nature requires a certain willingness to be raw and real with where you are on your path. It is my pledge in life to honour all beings as precious and to truly listen and assist wherever possible with a compassionate, loving heart. I hope to bless you with healthy balanced facilitation that will assist you to strengthen and deepen your connection with your higher self, inner truth and inherent self-healing abilities.

Each moment contributes to our entire embodiment of existence!

...which we can work with, rather than against! Using mindfulness and meditation is one of the most effective ways of realigning with truth and healing in relation to every aspect of ourselves. It is a journey. With patience and time, we can cultivate centred awareness in each moment, leading to heightened possibilities for this experience of being alive.

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official Qualifications

  • Alley is a Certified Meditation Facilitator and Coach through the Sura Flow 500hr program.

  • Alley is a Certified Holistic Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists via teacher and well known Hypnotist Ashley O'Connell.

  • Alley is a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner also certified by Ashley O'Connell.

May Peace be with you, May Love lift your Spirit & May your mind be free and calm