As such, inner Peace and alignment with Truth is forever your birthright 

& accessible within.

You are a Sacred & Divine Being of the Cosmos

Do You Remember the magic that you are?

Do you know the power that you hold as a sovereign being?

Conditioning has temporarily closed the Ancient Eyes of many

to our Innate Wisdom & Awareness which allows us to be in tune with ourHigher Selves. 

Thus, a kind-hearted guide & supporter can be helpful to work with, to stabilize &centre oneself for the journey within.
A journey which ultimately benefits all beings.

This is

This is  a budding expression of my deepest passion & it would be my honour to Serve you on your unique and profound path of Awakening if you are in need of assistance...

I AM Offering
Professional, Heart-Centred Intuitive meditation facilitation & Coaching
for fostering increased
consciousness & Honouring your unique gifts of spirit
[for all ages]

These Services Assist you to...

  • ​​​Live in the present moment

  • Access your inherent self-healing abilities

  • Change your response to stress for the better

  • Realize and activate the Truth that you are your own healer

  • Heal insecurities

  • Bring mindfulness into your daily life

  • Increase balance in any area of your life

  • Empower yourself to live in alignment with your highest truths and values

  • Get inspired and reawaken your true passions

  • Change your perception of sensation

  • Invite more peace and calm into your experience

  • Increase overall physical and mental health

  • Face challenges and difficulties from a balanced state of mind

  • Lengthen your attention span

  • Understand your self more deeply

  • Stabilize your energies

  • Centre yourself

  • Learn to accept what is and access the state of equanimity

  • Open to new levels of appreciation of life and it's many varied moments

  • Increase self-love and self-compassion

  • Open to a deepened authentic relationship with yourself

  • Release judgement of yourself and others

  • Become a master of your own mind

  • Learn to simply BE

  • Increase patience

  • Bless the sacred waters of your body

  • Remember and be with the sacred nature of life

  • Set intentions and achieve goals

  • Apply positive changes within your life

  • Know your own energy more deeply and notice when you've taken on other energy

  • Align with your inner warrior, lover, magician and higher self

  • Contribute peaceful energy to the collective consciousness

  • Prepare for ascension and increased consciousness on Earth

  • Learn to observe yourself with the art of witness consciousness

OR any combination of these // other expressions which will naturally come forth with fine tuning your connection with your Self

It would be my honour to serve you on your path at this time in humanity's growth.

consistently going within, being quiet with the self and encountering the subtle levels of being will assist you to connect with deeper awareness and your intuitive healing gifts. I hope to bless you with some insight into connecting to and solidifying that place within yourself & ultimately strengthening your inner guidance system in which all of your own infinitely unique answers & inherent wisdom resides.


May the long-time sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light
Within you
Guide your way  home

May Peace be with you, May Love lift your Spirit & May your mind be free and calm